Extensive Experience - Multifamily Experts

Douglas Partners has well established roots in the multifamily industry in Florida . Members of our team have participated in the conceptualization, planning, entitlement, development and/or construction of over twelve thousand (12,000) multifamily units, with product ranging from garden style apartments and townhomes with attached garages, to a fifteen (15) story high rise development. Our team, without any exceptions, has finished every one of our many and varied multifamily developments on or ahead of schedule and on or under budget. We have had no construction busts of any kind ever. In the last few years, we have completed or are in the process of completing over four thousand (4,000) new multifamily units in Florida with a value approaching five hundred million dollars ($500,000,000).

A Superior Team

Many of the outstanding, senior members of the Douglas Partners team have worked together over the course of many years on a wide variety of developments. This multidisciplinary group has been a key contributor to the success of Douglas Partners and includes the Senior Vice President of Construction Estimating, Design and Planning, Chief Accounting Officer, Construction Controller, Senior Project Manager and Superintendents. This is a very talented and tenured group of people. Most of these individuals have worked together with the Douglas Partners principals for over ten (10) years, with many having over seventeen (17) years of experience working together. In addition to their substantial track record and reputation for exacting quality, our construction group has developed very strong relationships with high quality, reputable subcontractors and consultants throughout the state of Florida. We receive the highest quality at the best prices because we pay our subcontractors and consultants on a timely basis and treat them fairly. As we move forward with our various Douglas Partners' developments, we will continue to benefit from these strong relationships which we have developed over nearly two decades.